Welcome to the Caddify App Viewer! Share and present your App in a click…

An exciting addition to the Caddify product is our new App Viewer. This provides the ability to share a fully working App through a browser link with your team or use yourself in presentation mode.

Let’s get started

To create the initial shareable link you will need to use the Caddify App Composer. There is a ‘Share Link’ button in the top tool bar. This allows you to style and optionally add an image/logo as well as supporting text to the left and the right of the App Emulator that will be shown within the App Viewer window.

A super quick ‘Share Link’ button is now available
Fully brand and choose the behaviour of App Viewer

Branding and creating this link will be the subject of another post soon so keep your eyes peeled – you can see from the screenshots just how super easy and super quick it is!

Once you share the link…what happens?


  1. You will receive an email to register your Caddify account. Follow the link provided in the email and create your password. Make a note or add your username and password to your password manager (to allow you to return to the App Viewer at a later date).
  2. Once you have updated your password you will be redirected to the App Viewer. The version of the App you will see be the latest ‘Published’ version of the App if available. If there are no Published versions of the App you will be shown the latest ‘Approved’ versions.

    If for some reason there are no ‘Published’ or ‘Approved’ versions of the App you will be shown a message to confirm this. 
  3. If (optionally) you have been provided an App Preview Link please past this into your browser to be certain you are previewing the correct version.


Option 1 – Logging in without a ‘Shareable App Viewer Link’

To view the latest version of App please login to the Caddify system using the URL you were provided in your sign up email.

Option 2- Using a ‘Shareable App Viewer Link’

If you have been provided an ‘App Viewer Link’ paste this into your browser (note the current limitation on previewing in app Video and Audio Media with the Safari browser which is explained at the end of this post). 

If you still have an active session you will taken directly the App Viewer. If your session has expired please use your login credentials (username & password) after which you will be taken to the App Viewer.


The App Viewer will by default enter full screen mode.

If the person publishing the shareable link has enabled the Settings bar you can also show the optional App Viewer Settings. These are accessed via the drop down icon in the top right of the App Viewer Screen. 

To close this section use the up arrow in the right hand corner of the settings bar which will collapse this section.

The following information will be displayed once you have selected to show the settings bar.

  1. The App Version with the current status (ie Approved or Published)
  2. The current language of the App being shown
  3. The current emulator design being used (‘iphone white’ for example)
  4. Whether the left and right sections are being displayed.

The current options are:

  1. Log out – log out of your current Caddify session
  2. Change language – if you have a multi language App this will allow you to change and view each language.
  3. Emulator style – choose from iOS or Android devices with white or black frames.
  4. Show left section – toggle this to show/hide the left section logo and/or text
  5. Show right section – toggle this to show/hide the right section of text

NOTE – There is a current known issue when using the Safari Browser where certain Media (Video and Audio files) are blocked from playing within the App Viewer. This does not affect the Companion App when running on iOS or Android devices.

As a current workaround to this issue please install and use either Chrome or Firefox browsers. 

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