Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2020 – Product Companion Apps drive the conversation.

Caddify spent 3 days exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition where attendees were looking for the latest innovations to drive customer success.

The annual event at Farnborough attracted over 9000 attendees and 800 exhibitors, and has become a must attend event in every manufacturers calendar.

This year, alongside the many product manufacturers, Caddify took a central stand where we offered visitors to work with one of our solution experts at what became a very busy demo station. We also showed off the latest Product Companion features on a rather large mobile phone…

The conversations were centred around driving customer success through digital innovation – with manufacturers looking to mobile technologies to extend that innovation out past the factory gates.

Many visitors we spoke with were thinking about just how far they could go with their own Product Companion App – pushing this technology to provide the ultimate Product Assistant.

The Product Companion Vision

With so many potential use cases we used our ‘Vision & Execution’ framework to help guide manufacturers to uncover where they should focus on utilising Product Companion Apps to innovate and create competitive advantage.

Does this sound like something that could help you define your companies digital roadmap? Then contact us to book our free ‘Vision & Execution’ assessment today.

The framework gave our visitors the steer to think about their ultimate goal for deploying a Product Companion App by measuring the impact and value across Sales & Marketing, Service & Support, and Product R&D.

These were then aligned with the broad capabilities that a Product Companion App delivers; Assistance, Engagement & Control.

The results are simple but powerful. Manufacturers quickly identified multiple ways of using our core modules across their business units that could unlock and in many cases enhance product value with very little effort.

Beyond Help Centres

These three days have given us even more conviction that Product Companions are going to replace a number of legacy marketing and support approaches for many different types of manufacturers, and for a number will start to be included within the product design itself.

By providing a cloud based subscription solution Caddify is ensuring this innovation is no longer the sole domain of only the largest enterprises.

3 days, 9000 attendees, and plenty of talk about customer success

We had a blast at the event and keep an eye out for us at the next one – we may have an even bigger phone to demo on!

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